Product Grades

SBS is a coated one-side board, ranging in caliper from 14pt – 28pt. (350 – 700 um). It has a solid bleached white backside, and a double clay coating on top side. This substrate is produced using virgin fibre, and typically has excellent stiffness and rigidity characteristics, and a very clean, glossy surface. It is ideally suited for such end uses as pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging, as well as other high-end retail packaging requirements.

C1S ranges in caliper from 8pt – 24 pt. (200 um – 600 um) and are commonly used in the commercial print market. This board is 100% virgin fiber with a clay coating on the topside, or equal clay on both sides, with a clean, white finish. This product is excellent for all types of presentation folders, books, and general-purpose publicity documents.

C2S ranges in caliper from 10pt – 24pt (250um- 600um). This board is 100% virgin fibre with a full, double coating on both sides to ensure a quality image front to back. A distinctive clean white styling helps deliver crisper colors to produce eye-catching graphics. Typical uses for this product include confections, health and beauty and pharmaceutical.

Litho Lam is available in 10pt (250 um).  It is a bright white, glossy paperboard designed for optimal performance in offset printing as well as lamination to single-faced corrugated. It brings the printability of solid bleached sulfate (SBS) to corrugated packaging with a smooth surface and double blade-coating.

Designed for superior sealing and gluing, this grade is a very cost effective choice for your blister applications. Its unique coating formulation delivers an ultra-smooth clay coated print surface you’d expect to find only in traditional folding carton grades.

One of the most common grades of board used for packaging, also known as Newsback. This product is 100% recycled, with a double-clay coating on the topside and a light brown or grey back liner. We currently carry this product in calipers 18 – 32 pt. (450 – 800 um).

MPE2MPE board has an extruded metallized polyester film laminated to SBS board, and does require special inks. We currently carry the Silver MPE on our floor in calipers 16 pt. and 18 pt. (400 & 450 um). Advantages of MPE include: more forgiveness than foil board, no cracking on die lines and score lines, and drying occurs through oxidation, not absorption.

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